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Perfume Souvenirs

If you are searching for something beautiful and enchanting to give away as souvenir to your guests, you have arrived on the right place. We are the leading perfume suppliers of Philippines. We manufacture high quality perfumes from natural, organic sources that have mesmerizing fragrance. Our perfumes are also very long lasting as they are obtained from aromatic oils without adding any water. We can make customized perfume for you to give away as souvenir to your guests at any event or celebration. Perfume souvenirs are loved by our clients as they are not only attractive but also carry the personal message to make the event memorable.

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Souvenirs for Baptism

Baptism is a sacred ceremony that is celebrated with fan fare among the followers of Christianity. It is an act of obedience to the commands of Christ. If you are observing baptism of your child, you can order personalized perfume to give away as souvenirs to all your invited guests. This bottle of perfume given as a gift to your guests will make the event memorable for them.

Birthday souvenirs

There is no need to look for return gifts for all the guests who have been invited to attend your birthday party. We will make personalized perfume for you that you can give away to all your guests as a souvenir. We have a wide range of bottles and scents to choose from. You can select the bottle and the scent according to your liking and budget.

perfume wedding souvenirs

As wedding souvenir

Wedding parties are once in a lifetime affair and you would like to make yours memorable for your guests. The best way to make your wedding a memorable event for your friends and other guests is to give away customized perfume bottles. Your guests will love this gift and remember the event whenever they use it later in their lives.

These are just examples of occasions and events when you can make use of customized perfume to give away as souvenirs to your friends and guests. You can also order customized perfume to celebrate an event or a milestone in your business. With the name of your company and the description of the event written on the cover of the bottle, your customers, vendors, and employees will cherish such a gift for a long time. Perfume souvenirs are becoming very popular among business owners as they are rather inexpensive and create the desired impression on the recipients.

Minimum order requirement

If you are interested in perfume souvenirs, the minimum order accepted by us is that of 100 bottles. You can choose any bottle and any scent, but you have to give order for minimum 100 bottles.

Remember, it is a far better idea to get customized perfume than picking up cheap bottles of perfume from the market in a sale. This is because you will get cheap perfume that will not last long. But when you order personalized perfume to us, you can rest assured of high quality perfume in beautiful bottles with personal message written over them.

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