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Perfume Atomizer, Your Pocket Perfume

In today’s fast paced life, you need a dose of fragrance and freshness every now and then to look and feel attractive. This is because where you are on the move all the time, and perspiration is natural under the sun. We make a beautiful pocket perfume to fulfill your requirements of freshness and fragrance. This pocket atomizer comes in a very attractive packing and it is priced at 450 pesos.

We are the largest perfume suppliers in the whole pf Philippines. Our perfumes are very popular among the customers because of their quality and long-lasting freshness. The reason why our scents last for such a long time is because all of them are oil based and contain no added water which is the case with perfumes made by our competitors.

Pocket Perfume + 35ml scent of your choice for ONLY 380 Pesos

Perfume Automizer

 Purchase Pocket Perfume bundled with your favorite scent

When you buy a pocket perfume from us by paying 450 Pesos, you get a 5ml bottle of perfume atomizer and a 35 ml scent of your choice. Our pocket perfume is compact in size and you can easily carry it inside your pocket. Just spray the perfume on your body once and be ready to have an inviting fragrance for a very long time.

Reusable bottle with easy refilling

Our pocket perfume bottle can be refilled with your favorite fragrance once it is finished. It has a filling system that is easy to use. There are no messy funnels for refilling. Just pour your favorite fragrance inside this small bottle and you are ready to spray the fragrance on your body. Our pocket atomizer holds 15 ml of your favorite fragrance. It can be sprayed for nearly 200 times. This means you can continue to use our perfume atomizer for a long time before it gets finished. Refilling is easy. Just put the bottom of the product on the siphon tube of the bottle of scent and squeeze up and down until it is full.

Beautiful packing, convenient to use and carry

Our Pocket perfume comes in beautiful different color bottles with a silver lining on the cap. It looks very impressive when you take it out to spray the fragrance on your body. By paying a small price of 450 Pesos, you get not only this mesmerizing bottle of pocket perfume but also a bottle of your favorite scent free. It creates no mess when using or refilling. It is extremely convenient to carry in your vanity bag or your jacket pocket to any place where you go. Just spray a little bit of this pocket perfume on your clothes and you start to feel fresh and attractive.

You can rest assured that the contents of our pocket perfume will not spill over in your vanity bag or jacket pocket even if you are moving from one place to another. The bottle comes with a fine sealing that makes sure not a drop of your scent gets wasted during transport. With a transparent window in the bottle, you can see how much of the perfume is left in the bottle to think of refilling it.

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