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Welcome to the home of aromas and fragrances. We are Leor Fragrance, one of the leading perfume manufacturers and suppliers in Philippines. We have been in this business of perfume manufacturing for the last many years. We have perfected the art of creating exotic fragrances from high quality aromatic oils. All our products are oil based and contain no added water to have long lasting fragrance and freshness for the consumer. As perfume suppliers, we have carved a niche as a high-quality manufacturer with timely supplies of all products for our distributors. Among perfume Philippines, our name is taken with love and respect by the consumers.

Here at Leor we are committed to providing clients not only the best customer experience but also the chance to start up their very own business. Join us and be part of our growing family and discover your own scent of success.

Leor Fragrance is a direct-selling company that distributes premium quality fragrances at a very reasonable cost. We use high-quality fragrance oil to manufacture our products. All our scents are oil-based with no water added which makes them last longer than expected. 

Why Sell Our Products

All scents produced by our company are oil based. They contain no water which they is why are very long lasting. Customers love this aspect about our perfumes as they can feel fresh and good even after hours at work. Our perfumes stand tall in comparison with perfumes of international brands and you will find it easy to sell them in the market. Being cheaper than foreign brands, our perfumes are easily picked by end consumers and they continue buying them.

Call us today if you are interested in wholesale perfume business. Our representative will be more than happy to give you all the information and help in setting up your business.

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Quality perfume

Pocket perfumes have become very popular among men and women these days. These fashion accessories can be easily carried in one’s pocket and used whenever one needs a dose of fragrance. We are the largest perfume suppliers in the whole of Philippines and we have a huge range of mini perfumes in alluring shapes and sizes. Girls love these miniature bottles of perfumes as they can carry them easily in their vanity bag and apply them to refresh and recharge themselves at any time and place.

We have pocket perfumes for men and women in different fragrances to cater to the requirements of people of different taste. These miniature scents are also available at very low prices to easily fit in the budget of all people. Even though content in a pocket perfume is small, you need not worry as all our products are oil based. This means you will experience long lasting fragrance through a single spray in a day. We are wholesale perfume suppliers. This is the reason why our perfumes are so inexpensive despite being so high in quality.

Become a perfume distributor to earn handsome profits

You have come to the right place if you want to wholesale perfume. We are looking for trusted perfume distributors to cover the whole of Philippines. If you think you have the passion and the desire to sell best quality perfumes, you are an ideal candidate for us. This can be a profitable business for you as we offer huge discounts on bulk purchases. You can sell our perfumes to retail shops, boutiques, stores, and malls to earn a high % of profit. There is a great demand for our perfumes among the consumers because they are very long lasting and reasonably priced.

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